Hi, I'm Julie!

I am the face behind Track Talent and Jules & Gems.

I started Track Talent in 2020, where I work with the client through 1-on-1 conversations to find out which archetypes are in the foreground and which he/she can use to solve the problem situations that arise in his/her life.

I started chakra healing in February 2021. Based on an intake interview, we determine which chakras (read: energy points) are blocked or overactive. This can manifest itself in all kinds of mental and physical complaints. Using assignments, yoga, gemstones, scents and meditation, we ensure that the chakras are restored to balance.

Thanks to the chakra healing I became interested in gemstones and since July
In 2021 I have a small gemstone shop. These can also be ordered online or
I am at the GIGA happening.

The purpose of these 3 aspects is mainly to help people become more confident, happier and more confident
to become more grateful in life. For this reason I also have one
created a gratitude diary (Journey to happiness).

I am very grateful for the people who follow me on my Instagram or Facebook